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 Alain MAROULLE / Domaine du Barry / 81140 CAMPAGNAC

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                                              To try as an aperitif : dry white wine aged in acacia barrel.



♥ In 2010, the Domaine du Barry started a phase of conversion to organic farming.


Since 2013, our wines have been organic.


At the Domaine du Barry, you can taste the wines made from traditional grapes of the Gaillac Region.


The red wines made from Braucol :

The « Cuvée Tradition » rounded, full bodied and aromatic.

The « Cuvée élevée en fût de chêne », 12 months of maturing in the oak gives it subtle aromas.


The white wines made from Loin de l’Oeil :

The dry, fresh and fruity with fish or as an aperitif.

The sweet, late harvested grapes, ideal accompaniment to foie gras or as an aperitif.


The rose, made from Duras, elegant and perfumed, especially for summer drinking.

We have also bag in boxes 5 and 10 liters : red, rose and dry white wines

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